Easy Pretzel Treats

My brother, Jake likes to make these yummy treats with me because they are so fast and easy that he doesn't get bored.  There are only three ingredients and they only take a few minutes in the oven. You can even give these as gifts because everybody likes them and they are pretty!  You need an adult helper whenever you use an oven, however, and make sure you get permission to cook. 

Ingredients Needed:                                Equipment Needed:

  1. Pretzels, the kind that are in the picture; not the pretzel sticks or rods.

  2. Hershey's Chocolate Kisses

  3. M&M's - the plain kind


  1. 2 parchment lined baking sheets

  2. Pot holders for removing the treats from the oven

  3. Serving Platter

How to Make Pretzel Treats

Have an adult help you turn on the oven and set the temperature to 350.

Set pretzels out on a baking sheet.  It doesn't matter how you put them on the baking sheet.  I put mine in lines; Jake put his in groups of three.

Unwrap the Hershey's kisses.  You need the same amount of kisses as you have pretzels on the baking sheet.

Put a kiss in the middle of each pretzel

Put the treats in the oven.  Set the timer for 5 minutes.

When the timer rings, take the treats out of the oven.

Take an M&M and put it on the tip of the kiss.  Press down so that the chocolate spreads across the pretzel.  If the chocolate isn't melted enough to press it down, put the treats back in the oven for five more minutes.

After you press the chocolate down, let the treats cool.  Then put them on a serving plate.  Serve them to people you like, or eat them yourself.

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