Midnight Sun

Grandma brought Jake and Me a cookbook from Alaska called Moose Racks, Bear Tracks, and other Alaska Kidsnacks by Alice Bugni.  It was one of my first cookbooks, but it is still one I really like.  I think you will like it too.  If you go to Alaska, make sure you get one of these books (You can order it from Amazon if you aren't going to Alaska anytime soon - just click on the picture).  It has lots of great recipes for kids and all of them are good.  This recipe is the first one that I made from the book, and it is still my favorite.  Midnight Sun is an easy recipe and my little brother, Jake, can make his own too.

Ingredients and Equipment Needed:

For each Serving:

1 slice of bread

1 egg

1 tablespoon butter


1 nonstick frying pan

1 butter knife

1 2 1/2" biscuit cutter or round cookie cutter

1 pancake turner

How to Make Midnight Sun:

1.  Butter a piece of bread on both sides.  This can get messy, because the butter sticks to the counter or your hands.  It's okay, though, because you can wipe the counter off and you can wash your hands.  Put the buttered bread on a cutting board 2.  Use the biscuit cutter to cut a round hole out of the middle of the bread.  3.  Jake is showing you how the bread should look when the hole has been cut out of it!


4.  Put the bread in the middle of the nonstick frying pan and put the middle of the bread that you cut out on the side.



5.  Put the pan on the stove and have an adult help you turn it to medium heat.  Crack the egg into a bowl.  I do this because if you accidentally get some shell in the egg, you can get it out of the bowl and it doesn't cook with the egg. 6.  Pour the egg from the bowl to the hole in the bread.  Cook until the egg looks like it is beginning to set (the clear part will begin to get white). 7.  Use the pancake turner to turn the bread over; sometimes some of the egg leaks out, but it's okay. 8.  Watch the egg and bread cook; the egg will be done when the clear part of the egg turns white and the yellow part is set.   


9.  When the egg is done, use the pancake turner to transfer it to a serving plate.  You can sprinkle salt and pepper on the egg if you like.

This is really good for breakfast with Sweet and Sesame Bacon and Potato Canoes.

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